Friday, 4 January 2013


an anti climax story with a climax

It's the fourth of January, and most people have already contradicted themselves staying true to their new years resolutions (not to be confused with revolutions, this ones for you facebook friends). guilt induced and possibly sucicidal at yet another resolution flake you don't know where to turn.. think of me as your new year fairy god mother. 


New years resoltions are great for a few things one being that their a way for the individual themselves to keep them grounded to remind themselves that they, nor are anyone else, perfect. It's also great because it's a pretty vague offering in suggesting what you have to do, people however seem to forget this and limit themselves with an impossible task for the new year.

Early hours of new years day a friend of mine declared that she had 100 resolutions. No more, no less and she had index cards to prove it. We all laughed of course, but there has to be something that is said for this radical idea and somewhat twist to the traditional new year pact. Stay with me here, you have one maybe two resolutions, you break them with in the first week. You fucked up, you dont know what to do, how can you go on living your life properly? this year will now be exactly the same as the years before them. Yeah it's sad but in the eyes of my friend you'd still have 98 resolutions to play with. She's cool, she doesn't even realise shes lost two resolutions in the cross fire that is an indisputable lack of self control. She's just happy to be here. And so should we. 

So I compiled a list of my own, with a twist. I strategically placed a few resolutions in there that I generally can not fail, you should all follow suit. Then we can all be winners.

01. Drink water all the time
02. Don't stop washing my hair
03. Make informed decisions when buying clothes
04. Don't stop buying clothes
05. Save money
06. Travel whenever possible
07. Keep healthy
08. Exercise more frequently
09. Read everyday
10. Get up earlier
11. Do something each day that scares me
12. Tick at least one thing off my bucket list
13. Keep being weird
14. Don't stop roly polying in front of people in order to impress them
15. Have more dance offs
16. Be more motivated in everything to do with life
17. Take my make up off every night before I go to bed
18. Have more dinner parties
19. Don't sweat the small stuff
20. Complete a new years resolution 

It's really unnecessary to Hitler yourself when resolution deciding, it should be a mixture of fun things, little things, big things and boring things. Balancing it all out will keep you on a good path to succeeding in completing at least one/ or all of your resolutions.

Happy New Year Bitches.



shona! said...

Loved this! What your friend did - with the index cards - is something I would do too! haha sad, but true :) I'm also trying to 'be more motivated in everything to do with life' and 'read everyday' in 2013

Claudina said...

Nice post!
Would you like follow each other?

Coral said...

You make me laugh so much!!

Lyd said...

Happy new yeat!
Love this post.
Your friend is cray!

Maya said...

I love how one of your resolutions is to complete a new years resolution lol don't stop roly polying :)

Cashonya Sarah said...

Hi dear!!! I really love your blog and happy new year to you!!! If you want take a look at my blog.. follow each other on GFC, FB and on the other socials?? Let me know!!! See u soon on my blog dear! kiss :D


Beatrice said...

hi!thanks for your lovely comment!;)
if you want , we can follow each other!

Ali of Dressing Ken said...

Oh yes resolutions can be hard to keep! Following you to on Bloglovin and congratulations on being a top blogger : )

Ali of:

Alexandra Butler said...

This is brilliant! I have 3 resolutions myself, which i just blogged about, but having some which you literally can't fail is actually quite uplifting when you know you've done at least something you were aiming for!

Alexandra Lauren Rose

Latest Fashion And Style said...

I really like your blog. so nice
This is brilliant.

Tanya said...

Happy New Year! I always love reading about people's New Year's Resolutions.

Love your blog! x
Tanya from Cats and Clothing
P.S. Please check out my first giveaway! :)

Sam said...

Wonderfully compiled list, I think most of them are very achievable, I hope you conquer them all!

Laura UP IN THE CLOUDS said...

hahahah i love your list and your posts are so entertaining. super awesome =D thanks for ur comment on my blog by the way! i'm following you now =p

my NEW new year's resolution:
keep eating burgers.

this one i can never fail.


Laura Philp said...

Wow this blog is stunning! loving the design, and the posts and the photos!
Defo going to follow :)
looking forward to more posts!

If anyone else has a blog and want to visit mine, I visit and follow back :D xxxx

Serena Secco said...

Keep being weird, LOL, amazing =)
I agree :D
A loser like me

Abi K. said...

Thanks for your comment, I'm your newest GFC follower :)
Abi K

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